Tilt Advertisements!?

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Do you find advertisements these days very mundane and unevolved?

Well, not all of them are uninteresting: some of them are already cutting through the digital noise.

The other day I was looking for a word on Merriam Webster’s dictionary app; I came across an advertisement (screenshots attached) which left a lasting impact on me.


The advertisement by @Jabong asked me to tilt my screen to reveal the banner ad. This is taken care of by the built-in accelerometers (detect movements) in our smartphones. These are called Tilt Banners.


Creative, right?

Taking cues from it, I too thought about how this technology could be leveraged in other campaigns (drawings attached).


Instant Coffee campaigns, Instant Drink Mix campaigns, Tea campaigns, etc. The possibilities are endless.

What do you think could be the other ways in which new technologies could be exploited in advertising?

P. S. I wasn’t looking for the word ‘waffle’, it’s just an example :p

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