58 Digital Marketing Certifications that can get you shortlisted

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When it comes to digital marketing, it is necessary to keep learning new skills, and this is the reason there are so many digital marketing certifications out there.

In this fast-growing world, digital marketing trends keep on changing, and this is why digital agencies and companies now look for candidates who are up to date with the latest trends, tactics, and skills.

To step your foot into the digital marketing world, you need to have relevant skills on your resume, and this is where digital marketing certifications come in the picture. 

Digital marketing certifications strengthens the profile and increase the chance to get hired in reputable organizations.

As we mentioned above, there are so many certifications available on the internet that it makes it very difficult to choose which one is the best for you.

But don’t worry, we got your back.

Digital marketing certification

Here is a list of 58 best digital marketing certifications that will sharpen your skills:

Google AdWords Certification

To start your digital marketing career, you need to become familiar with Google tools.

Advertising on Google helps you in generating quicker ROI for your business, and this why a Google Ad campaign can make or break a marketing plan.

The Google AdWord Certification is a professional certificate for people who want to demonstrate their knowledge of Google AdWords. The validity of the certificate is for one year.

To pass the program and become Google AdwWord Certified, you are tested on your basic and advanced knowledge of Google Ads.

Your concepts on online advertising, campaign setup, execution, management, measurement, and optimization should be clear.

You need to score above 80% to pass the Google Ads fundamental exam.

To Get Started: Create an account on a Google Analytics Academy.

Google AdWords Certification

Cost: Free

HootSuite Social Marketing Certification

Nowadays, employers are seeking candidates that are willing to continuously learn about the growing platform and committed to staying a step ahead.

Hootsuite is a popular social media management platform that also offers courses and certifications for people who want to grow and improve their skills.

Hootsuite offers courses and certifications ranging from intermediary level to advanced level as per the need and requirement of the candidate.

Their Social Media training courses, in particular, helps you to test your ability as a social media marketer as well as your knowledge of social media marketing.

To earn the social media marketing certification, candidates need to pass an online exam that consists of 60 questions.

To Get Started: Visit Hootsuite Academy

HootSuite Social Marketing Certification

Cost: There are various certifications available. some of them are listed below-

Google Analytics IQ Certification

Google Analytics is one of the tools that marketers use to measure the growth of website traffic, and learning about it is an essential part of digital marketing.

This is one of the digital marketing certifications that has become very crucial in today’s era considering the amount of data organisations process on a daily basis.

Google Analytics Certification helps you to become more proficient in utilizing google analytics at your work. To attain the certification, the candidate has to pass the final assessment that contains 60 questions. If you fail the exam, you can re-take it in seven days.

To prepare for the exam, set up an academy for Ads account and go through Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics courses.

To Get Started: Create a Google Analytics Academy profile.

Google Analytics IQ Certification

Cost: Free

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

In the digital world, everything revolves around the content. If your content is good, your product will be a superhit.

 After all, it is rightly said, “Content Is King.”

Today recruiters look for candidates who have good communications and writing skills. Therefore, it is a good idea to add HubSpot content Marketing Certification to your resume.

The HubSpot Content Marketing Certification covers 12 separate categories that make the program perfect for aspiring content marketers who want to sharpen their skills.

To Get Started: Visit HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Course

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Cost: Free

Facebook BluePrint Certification

Facebook has 2.5 Billion users, which makes Facebook advertising an effective way for your organization to reach a maximum audience.

Almost every business uses Facebook to scale up their online presence and services.

You can earn a reputable designation in leading digital organizations by enrolling in BluePrint Certification by Facebook.

The program offers nine certifications:

To Get Started: Visit Facebook BluePrint Certification

Facebook BluePrint Certification

Cost: $150 for each exam (may differ based on your country)

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

Another one from folks over at HubSpot is Inbound Marketing Certification. This is one of the digital marketing certifications that cover methods on how to draw visitors and retain them in the long run.

The certification helps in providing insights on how to increase web traffic, boost brand value over the internet, and provide exceptional services as an online customer service representative.

The certification contains 11 classes that cover lessons on content creation, social promotion, converting and nurturing leads, and much more.

To Get Started: Go to HubSpot Academy and visit HubSpot inbound certification course page.

Cost: Free

YouTube Certification

Youtube is the largest search engine in the world after Google. To get certified from a platform like that is a big deal.

Hundred hours of video are uploaded every minute on youtube, and it processes more than 3 billion searches a month.

80% of marketers prefer visual assets in their social media marketing because videos have become a preferred content medium. Therefore it is crucial to have a well-defined video content strategy.

The Certified Program is committed to educating all creators and users on the platform, and the certification is valid for one and a half years (18 months) from the date you pass your certification.

To Get Started: Visit YouTube

Cost: Free

LinkedIn Learning- Content Marketing Course

LinkedIn Learning offers various courses, but their content marketing foundation certification is one of the best you can find.

This course is mainly suited for beginners in content marketing.

If you have zero knowledge about content marketing, this is the course you should be looking for.

It covers the following topics-

  • Defining Content Marketing
  • Creating a Foundation for Content Marketing
  • Creating Your Content Plan
  • Creating Your Content
  • Promoting Your Content
  • Measuring Your Content

To Get Started: Visit LinkedIn Content Marketing Course.

LinkedIn Learning- Content Marketing Course

Cost: Free


Udemy is one of the biggest online learning platforms that provide courses of subjects covering all areas of marketing from Email Marketing to SEO to Google Ads.

Udemy offers a complete course of digital marketing that consists of 12 courses.


  • Market Research
  • WordPress Setup
  • SEO
  • SEO Writing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • App Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Ads

The complete digital marketing course helps you to learn all about digital marketing. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge to start this course.

You can find various courses on Udemy, choose as per your requirement and need.

To Get Started: Visit Udemy.


Cost: $199

SEMrush Academy

The SEMrush Academy offers courses on both basic and advanced levels.

Their main focus is on courses on how to run SEMrush, but they also have courses that cover general concepts like SEO fundamentals, PPC fundamentals, technical SEO, and social media marketing.

Some of the courses covered by them are-

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

The courses are also available in Spanish and are taught by professionals.

This course will help in running successful digital marketing campaigns.

To Get Started: Visit SEMrush Academy

SEMrush Academy

Cost: Free

Simplilearn Digital Marketing Specialist

The digital marketing course offered by Simplilearn offers walkthroughs of more than 40 digital marketing tools this will help you to get a good idea about which tool to use for your digital marketing campaign.

It provides a beginners course which includes the following topic-

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Pay-Per-Click (Facebook and Google Ads)
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing

This course also prepares you to get certified for Google Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics, and Youtube.

To Get Started: Visit Simplilearn

Simplilearn Digital Marketing Specialist

Cost: $1499

ClickMinded- Email Marketing Course

ClickMinded Email Marketing Course is said to be taken by industry experts who maintain email marketing strategies for big companies.

The course is taught by Lucas Chevillard who is an email strategist for Airbnb.

The course is designed for both intermediate and expert learners and includes both high-level strategies and specific tactical walkthrough.

This course will definitely help you to grow in your career and get you a promotion.

To Get  Started: Visit ClickMinded


Cost: $497

Skillshare – Affiliate Marketing Course

Skillshare offers various courses, but their Affiliate Marketing course is one of the best certifications out there.

If you are determined to get your first sale through affiliate marketing, this is the best course for you.

The affiliate marketing course provides over 50 classes and is available in three difficulty levels- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. They teach you tried and tested strategies through the course so that you can have an edge over others.

The platform provides you plenty of assignments to practice the concepts taught in the class.

This course will give a lot of practical knowledge because it uses examples from the real world, and you’ll be able to apply them to your work.

To Get Started: Visit Skillshare Affiliate Marketing Course

Skillshare- Affiliate Marketing Course

Cost: Free

Adobe – Email Marketing Course

Everybody knows about Adobe, it is an American multinational computer software company. You may also have used many of its software.

Adobe with its solution partner program offers digital marketing certifications for various subjects and categories which helps you to solve the most critical problems with the right skills.

Adobe offers these courses through both, on-demand digital classroom and instructor-led sessions.


Email Marketing

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Advertising Cloud

To Get Started: Visit Adobe Digital Learning Services and sign up

Adobe Certifications

Cost: $65

Microsoft – Advertising Certification

As you, all know Microsoft is an American Technology Company, but to your surprise, Microsoft also provides online courses and offers digital certifications.

Imagine how much it would help you in your career to be Microsoft Certified. The brand will reflect a lot in your resume and will help you in having an edge over other candidates.

Microsoft provides an Advertising certification that helps you drive your business forward as a Microsoft Certified professional.

You just have to take the free course and prepare for the exam. After the completion of the course, you have to appear for the exam.

To pass the exam you need to score more than 80% marks

To Get Started: Visit Microsoft Ads Training

Microsoft Certification

Cost: Free

Google– Content Marketing Course

Google offers a content marketing course by the name “Promote a business with content”.

With the help of this course, you will learn how to promote your business by using content as your power.

The course is for beginners i.e it is for people who do not have any knowledge regarding content writing and marketing.

 The course consists of 4 modules with features like video tutorials, easy to implement tips, end of topic assessments, and unlimited access.

Modules Include:

  • Get noticed with social media
  • Deep dive into social media
  • Make the most of video
  • Get started with Content Marketing

To Get Started: Sign up to Promote a business with content marketing course.

Cost: Free

LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Marketing Course

If you have any online property such as a website, blog, etc you can earn through affiliate marketing.

LinkedIn learning through its affiliate marketing foundation course helps you to explore the basic principles of this powerful technique, explaining how to create a successful affiliate marketing business.

The course consists of 4 modules and it covers the skill of market strategy and affiliate marketing.

Modules Include:

  • The basic of affiliate marketing
  • Brand building as an affiliate marketer
  • Applying for affiliate programs
  • Building your affiliate marketing strategy

To Get Started: Sign up for Affiliate Marketing Foundation Course

Cost: $20

WordStream – PPC Course

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a complicated topic. Therefore there is a need for a proper and organized framework of PPC courses to teach you the basic and advance PPC strategies.

Thus, WordStream came up with PPC University Course.

PPC University is a free PPC Marketing course to help you learn PPC.

The PPC U training course gets divided into 3 PPC courses:

  • Beginners- PPC 101
  • intermediaries- PPC 102
  • Advance- Advanced PPC

PPC University also includes a PPC course module on social advertising that will teach you about social media marketing, Facebook Ad Campaign optimization, Facebook Ad Creation, and more.

To Get Started: Sign up for PPC University Course

WordStream - PPC Course

Cost: Free


You must be wondering why you should invest your time in these certifications rather than doing an actual job and gaining experience.

A simple answer to this is these courses will help you in finding employment in top companies and give you an edge over other candidates. If you are already employed, these certifications will help you with your promotion.

To help you with your career, we came up with this list of top certifications. Choose according to your needs and excel.

And always keep in mind, Opportunity Will Come to Those Who are Qualified.

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